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Please note that 2019-20 dates and information will be updated in August 2019.  

Students wishing to begin a New Club must:

  • find a staff member that is willing to be the club advisor
  • complete a “New Club Petition” with a typed constitution (available in the Activities office)
  • find at least fifteen (15) other students that are interested in the club (must be underclassmen)
  • complete all paperwork PRIOR to the Club Fair. Any clubs not started before the Club Fair may meet unofficially until the following year when paperwork may be submitted again

The following paperwork must be filed in the Activities Office no later than Friday, September 7, 2018. Club Petition 

Club Fair
The annual Club Fair is Wednesday, September 12, 2018 during lunch in front of the MPR. 
Students have the opportunity to view current clubs and sign up to participate. If a student missed the Club Fair, he/she may still sign up for a club by meeting with the teacher advisor. See list for contact information and room numbers.
2018-19 Club List & Contact Information (2019-20 List will be update after September 12, 2019.)
Club Name Advisors Room  Email
AASU: African American Student Union Ronda Turney 302 rondaturney@cusd.com
Adventure Club William Herring 451 williamherring@cusd.com
Aeronautics Club Dave Pickford 110 davepickford@cusd.com
Animal Appreciation Club Mark Trotter 551 marktrotter@cusd.com
Armenian Culture Club Sarah Tozlian 501 sarahtozlian@cusd.com
Asian Club Lue Vang 316 luevang@cusd.com
Autoimmune Disease Awareness Club Alyssa Lomier  163 alyssalomier@cusd.com
Bass Fishing Club  James Gambrell Athletics Off jamesgambrell@cusd.com
Bears for Hope Allison Swearengen  163 allisonswearengen@cusd.com
Book Club  Christine Tessler 104 christinetessler@cusd.com
Buchanan Literary Society  Nancy Watson  166 nancywatson@cusd.com 
Buchanan Rugby Club Bryan Franks 167 bryanfranks@cusd.com
Campus Life  Allison Swearengen  163 allisonswearengen@cusd.com
Chess Club Irene Teraoka 355 ireneteraoka@cusd.com
Chinese Club Lili Wong 553 Liliwong@cusd.com
Class of 2019 Lutjens/Martinez 157/156 marcosmartinez@cusd.com; donnalutjens@cusd.com
Class of 2020 Heimerdinger/Paape 101/307 lynnpaape@cusd.com; kristinheimerdinger@cusd.com
Class of 2021 Tessler/Espinoza 104/109 christinetessler@cusd.com; erinespinoza@cusd.com
Class of 2022 Paxton/Certain 403/305 abigailpaxton@cusd.com; deannacertain@cusd.com
Community Care Club  Irene Orozco-Jauregui 309 ireneorozco-jauregui@cusd.com
Creative Hub Club  Venetia Collier  361 venetiacollier@cusd.com
Dance Evolution Gabrielle Waters 554 gabriellewaters@cusd.com
eSports Daniel Samarin 905 danielsamarin@cusd.com
FCA Michael Cooper 352 michaelcooper@cusd.com
Filipino Club Dulce Giannoni 855 dulcegiannoni@cusd.com
Gaming Forum Club TBA
Global Pop Culture TBA
Green Club  Andrew Austin  359 andrewaustin@cusd.com
GSA Melissa Nieves 314 melissanieves@cusd.com
Interact Club Sarah Santini  802 sarahsantini@cusd.com
International Thespian Society Abagail Paxton 403 abigailpaxton@cusd.com
Japanese Culture Club Colette Miura 454 colettemiura@cusd.com
Jr. Larcs Christine Tessler 104 christinetessler@cusd.com
Junior Habitat for Humanity Irene Teraoka 355 ireneteraoka@cusd.com
Key Club Deanna Certain 305 deannacertain@cusd.com
K-Force  Vicky Xiong-Lor 163 (7th) vickyxiong@cusd.com 
Korean Club Lili Wong 553 liliwong@cusd.com
Latino Student Union  Angel Rodgriguez 557 angelrodriguez@cusd.com
Life in the Arts Colette Miura 454 colettemiura@cusd.com
Life Teen Club Jennifer O'Meara 102 jenniferomeara@cusd.com
Light (The) Rich Conteras 808 richcontreras@cusd.com
Medical Career Club Kendia Herrington 358 kendiaherrington@cusd.com
Mission Club  Dulce Giannoni 855 dulcegiannoni@cusd.com
Muddslingers Colette Miura 454 colettemiura@cusd.com
Music Production & Performance Dave Lee 311 davidlee@cusd.com
Muslim Student Association (MSA) Lynn Paape 307 lynnpaape@cusd.com
Pokemon-Go Sasha Ludwig 901 sashaludwig@cusd.com
Random Acts of Kindness Brook Constable 151 brookconstable@cusd.com
Red Cross Venetia Collier  361 venetiacollier@cusd.com
Scientific Explorers  Irene Teraoka 355 ireneteraoka@cusd.com
Women of Color Alliance Kari Mancillas 313 karimancillas@cusd.com
Yoga Club Gabrielle Waters 554 gabriellewaters@cusd.com
Young Americans for Freedom Alicia Wolfe 105 aliciawolfe@cusd.com
Club Advisor Forms 
Travel Forms
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