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Summer School

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The Clovis Unified School District offers a wide range of summer programs for students ranging from Elementary Enrichment, Intermediate Leadership Academies, English Learner Academies, and Secondary Credit Recovery and Original Credit courses for a variety of subjects.

Each year these programs are held on numerous campuses within the district and begin at various times. For more information regarding Summer School, please see the information below.

Summer School 2021

Summer school will be at Buchanan High School for six weeks (from mid-June to late July) and is divided into to sessions: Session 1 is the first semester and runs for three weeks; Session 2 is considered to be the 2nd semester and runs for the last three weeks.

In-class "face-to-face" information

Dates: Monday-Thursday, June 14-July 22 (No school on Fridays and no school on Monday, July 5)

Times: 8:30 a.m. to 2:35 p.m.

Students taking 10 credits will attend from June 14 to July 22
Students taking 1st semester only will attend from June 14 to July 1
Students taking 2nd semester only will attend from July 6 to July 22
Students missing two (2) days of school or the equivalent of 12 school hours (tardy or partial-day attendance) will be dropped from Summer School (3 tardies = 1 day absence)

Independent Study Information

Dates: Tuesday or Wednesday, June 7 to July 21

Times: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (by appointment only)

Mandatory orientation meeting will be June 8 or June 9
Students taking 10 credits will attend from June 14 to July 21
Students taking 1st semester only will attend June 14 to June 30
Students taking 2nd semester only will attend July 6 to July 21
Teachers will make contact with family/student to provide additional information about the class and appointment times. Students meet with their teacher during their scheduled time (to turn in Independent Study packets and to take tests, etc.) once per week for approximately one hour.

Students may miss only one appointment no matter what the reason or emergency. Student will be dropped on the second absence.

Original Credit Eligibility

Students must have an impacted schedule (AVID, drama, band, leadership, etc.) the following year AND a 3.0 semester grade-point average in order to to be eligible for summer school. NOTE ABOUT SOCIAL SCIENCE CLASSES: Students are allowed to take only ONE summer social science course for original credit during their four years of high school. For example, if a student took World History for original credit last summer, he/she WILL NOT be able to take US History for original credit this summer. This rule does not apply to students that need to retake a social science class for credit recovery (see Credit Recover Eligibility requirements below).

Credit Recovery Eligibility

Students must be enrolled at a Clovis Unified school, must need to repeat a course (due to a "D" or "F" grade), and/or be deficient in credits/required courses for graduation in order to be eligible for summer school.

Summer School Bus Schedule will be available later in the spring

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