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Dance Reminders
Per the 2023-24 Dance Contract, students must be in good standing and not be on the non-privilege list to attend a Buchanan Dance. Students may not owe hours to the SRC (i.e. incomplete detention), students may not have received more than one F on the semester grading period, and must have a minimum 2.0 GPA. Students must also have a good attendance/tardy record. 

Any students who do not meet this criteria will not be allowed to attend the dance. 

DRESS CODE: See full dress code below on this page. Dresses that expose excessive skin or have cutouts will not be allowed. Strappy back or exposed back, exposed midriffs, cutouts on sides, or excessively high slits will not be permitted. Being in dress code is the responsibility of the student. 

2023-24 Calendar of Events

Sadie Hawkins: October 21st
Winter Formal: January 27th
Prom: May 4th 

Students must have their digital ID card to purchase tickets and attend school dances.

  1. Pick up a Guest Pass in Student Services or in the Activities Office. 
  2. Complete Buchanan Student Portion & Buchanan Parent Signature. 
  3. Guest takes Guest Pass to his/her school to obtain their Administrator’s signature. School Admin must attach their business card. [If Guest is graduated, no school admin signature required.]
  4. Guests must attach a copy of their School ID or Driver’s License to the Guest Pass. Guests may not be over 20 years old. 
  5. Return the completed Guest Pass to Buchanan Student Services for LD signature.
  6. Once signed, take your completed Guest Pass to purchase tickets.
Cannot purchase guest tickets without a completed Guest Pass. 

Dance Dress Code:
Sadie Hawkins is a themed dance. Costumes are allowed but must be appropriate and in dress code.
Formal & Prom: Formal attire and dress shoes are mandatory. Tuxedos or suits with collared shirt, necktie or bow tie are required. NO Shorts. No boots, cowboy boots, flip flops, Dr. Martens, shoes with spikes, tennis shoes, vans, crocs, or other non-formal dress shoe allowed. Dresses that are strapless or have spaghetti straps are acceptable. Dresses that are too short, too revealing in the front or back (inappropriate cut-outs), slit too high, or “see through” will not be permitted. At all dances, students must be dressed appropriately. Students may be asked to modify their attire to meet the dress code requirement at any dance. If a student has any questions or thinks an outfit may be questionable, please contact the Deputy Principal, Student Services, or the Activities Office. If a student or guest is dressed inappropriately, he/she will be asked to leave/denied entrance & money will not be refunded.


Harmony is Buchanan's annual multi-cultural and diversity talent show, consisting of performances by multi-cultural clubs and collaborative routines by leadership & special education students. Harmony began in 1999 and celebrated it's 25th year this year!

2023 Harmony Introduction - COMING SOON!

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