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Parking Permit
Parking Permit applications are completed online in the Annual Information Update Page.  
  1. Log in to Parent Connect
  2. Click on blue “Annual Update” at the top right hand of the screen
  3. Click on Step 2
  4. Click on the Buchanan Downloads tab located on left hand side of screen
  5. Enter Students information
  6. Scroll across the screen to enter car information ( insurance policy  number, Make Model, License plate number etc..)
  7. Click box that reads “ I agree that I have reviewed”
  8. Click the “Submit” button on the top left had of the screen.
Once completed the student will  pick up and pay ($10.00) for the Parking Permit at the Attendance window before school, at lunch or after school.
We no longer accept paper Parking Permit Applications.  All Parking Permit information must be inputted in Parent Connect.

Students must have a parking pass to park on campus.. Students may not park in the Teague lot. Students without a parking pass or parked in staff parking lots will receive a parking ticket.