Nurse's Office



Welcome to the Nurse’s Office


The Health Office is located in the main office building. Parents must stop at the Receptionist’s desk in the Main Office and proceed back to the Health Office to sign out their student if they are ill or injured.

The Heath Office is available to students and staff Monday - Friday from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. A full time registered nurse and health assistant are available during the school day for all health care needs. Some of the services provided include the evaluation of illness and injuries, health assessments for vision, hearing, and the confidential management of all health related issues, medical records and emergency records. Please call if you have any questions or concerns.  


If a student becomes ill or injured while at school he/she will receive every care and consideration. Parents will be contacted for injuries of a serious nature or if a student is too ill to remain at school. If the student needs to go home for an injury or illness the nurse or the assistant will contact the parent. Students will be released through the Health Office. The nurse is always happy to consult with parents regarding health problems, however please note that injuries which occur at home should be cared for at home.

If your child has ONE of the following, he/she should be kept at home:

a) Illness with a fever of 100.0 or greater

b) Illness that affects your child’s ability to participate in class.

c) Vomiting and/or diarrhea

d) Fever of 100.0 or greater within the last 24 hours.

e) Initiation of antibiotics within the past 24 hours.

 Upon return to school after any extended illness or communicable disease the student should follow up with the school nurse.


Clovis Unified School District follows California Education Code guidelines for students with infectious or contagious disease. The district asks parents/guardians’ cooperation in keeping these students out of school activities if there is reason to believe he/she has a contagious disease (see CUSD: Student and Parents Rights and Responsibilities for policies and regulations.)


All students entering Intermediate and High School must meet all current California Immunizations requirements for schools.  Information can be found at


ALL medications (even over the counter medications including Tylenol, Advil, Midol, inhalers. etc.) must be accompanied by a physician’s written statement and checked in through the health office. Students allowed to carry inhalers and EpiPens must have written authorization from a physician. The California Education Code Section 49423 and Clovis Unified School District require that prescription and over the counter medication to be taken during the school day must be presented with:

(1) Written statement from the physician detailing the name of the medication, amount, method, and time schedules by which medication is to be taken.

(2) Written statement from the parent or guardian indicating their desire for the school to assist the pupil in the matters set forth in the physician’s statement.

(3) Medication must be clearly labeled and sent to the school in the original container from the pharmacy.

(4) Medication will be kept in the Health Office unless otherwise directed by the physician.

The “Medication at School” form is included in this handbook. Please review the policy very carefully. It is also available on the CUSD website under: Departments >Nursing>Medication at School form. Medication at School forms expire at the end of the school year unless otherwise indicated by the physician. NO MEDICATIONS WILL BE GIVEN AT SCHOOL UNLESS ALL REQUIREMENTS ARE MET. The Health Office does not keep medication for general student use.

 Medications for off-campus activities (field trips, out of town performances, Grad Night, etc.) require additional authorization.  Please see nurse at least two weeks before the event.


Students with asthma are strongly encouraged to always carry their inhaler with them. Medication orders must be on file in the Health office (Ed Code 49423.) If students do not use their inhaler at the proper time (ie: before exercise), or forget to bring it to P.E. and therefore cannot participate, they will receive a non-participation, some of which can be made up. Self-pace will mean starting the activity normally and then self-pacing as necessary. This is to be encouraged with periods of asthma exacerbation. 


Students who are unable to do some or all of the Physical Fitness Tests must present a written medical excuse from their physician to the nurse prior to the beginning of testing. Physician notes need to state which activities are to be waived.

 PHYSICAL EDUCATION (P.E.) EXCUSES (Also refer to PE policies)

All P.E. excuses from parents must be brought in to the Health Office. The student is given a pass to give to their teacher.  The student still dresses out, but is not required to participate. You are only allowed 3 parent notes a semester. All P.E. excuses from a doctor are given directly to the Nurse. The doctor’s note will be kept on file in the nurse’s office. The student will return to P.E. with verification of their medical excuse from the nurse. Under no circumstances are students given an extension on P.E. medicals unless written permission is granted by the nurse or the physician.

Short term medical notes (2 weeks or longer, but not more than a semester)

Students that have medical notes for no PE or with too many restrictions for longer than two weeks will be put on a contract for our online PE class.  Students need to come to the Health Office with the medical note and then a contract will be given to you to take to your counselor so you can have your PE teacher temporally changed to our online PE teacher’s class roster.  The student will report to the library during their PE period and sign-in on the PE roster.  The student will then log on to the library computer and complete online PE course that meets PE standards.  Student’s attendance/progress will be monitored daily by minutes/hours the student completes in Edgenuity’s online program.  On the date in which the student’s medical excuse has expired, they will be transferred back into their original PE class.  A transfer grade will be sent to the student’s PE teacher. 

Long term medical excuse (for a semester or school year) Students will be placed in another class by their counselor.

Students who desire to return to P.E. earlier than the original date provided by the physician will need written verification from the physician. All P.E. Medical excuses must be renewed each academic year.

 Meds on Student Trips Form 

 Medication and Food Allergy Form