English  Language  Advisory  Committee  (ELAC): All schools enrolling 21 or more English Learners are required to form an ELAC. The ELAC is composed of parents  and  school  personnel.  The  ELAC  provides input  and makes  recommendations  to the principal, staff and SSC regarding services for English Learners as  well  as  conducts  an  annual  survey.    Members serve for two years. 

District English Language Advisory Committee (DELAC):     Whenever   there  are  51  or  more  EL students in the district, there shall be a functioning District  English  Learner  Advisory  Committee (DELAC).   It is important that each school site ELAC elect  a DELAC  representative  and arrange  to have that representative attend every DELAC meeting. Currently the DELAC bylaws require each DELAC representative to be 1) a parent/guardian of an EL or former EL (i.e., a reclassified fluent English proficient student)  currently  enrolled  at  the  site  he/she represents, and 2) elected to serve as the DELAC representative by the site ELAC. 

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