Harmony Talent Show

Harmony Talent Show

December 16, 2016 at 7:57 AM

Harmony 2016

Buchanan's Harmony program showcases the talents of our special needs students and multi-cultural clubs. Our mission is to share the talents that make us all unique. Leadership students are partnered with Special Ed students from Buchanan & Clovis North (for the second year), then choreograph and practice a routine during the month prior to Harmony. This has always been a great bonding time for our gen ed and special ed students. Our clubs also work diligently to prepare a routine that highlights aspects of their culture. It was very special to watch the clubs spend time together too. By the end of the show, the students had learned each other's dances and would do them behind the curtains as the others performed on stage. They all quickly became friends and you could see them appreciate each other's cultures. The amazing kids from AASU watched every show from backstage, and encouraged everyone as they went on. That is the point of Harmony.IMG_6854.JPG




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