Scholarships/Financial Aid


There are literally thousands of scholarships available for anyone that is willing to take the time to research and apply for them. This webpage just scratches the surface of what is available to students. Be sure to check back to this page frequently, as the information and links are updated regularly throughout the school year.

Buchanan High School's "Bear Scholarship Bulletin"

This bulletin lists available scholarships by application due date and is updated regularly throughout the school year. (updated May 9, 2018 at 4:00 p.m.)

Rocco Rossini Memorial Scholarship (Due May 25, 2018)



Online Scholarship Searches

Students can do a Google search to get started on finding scholarships they might qualify for. Click HERE for a list of websites that students can navigate for some of the specialized scholarships that are available.

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LendEDU's Guide to College Scholarships

Online Colleges, Scholarships and Degree Programs

College Raptor Scholarship


I Can Afford College: Financial Aid website created by California Community Colleges

For students planning on attending Fresno State ...

... there are literally hundreds of scholarships available. Click HERE to see what is available!
... click HERE for information about the Fresno State Business Scholars scholarship.



October 1 is the first day that senior students/parents can submit their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application if they are planning on attending college in the Fall of 2018. The FAFSA is a form that is prepared annually by our seniors to determine their eligibility for student financial aid in college. The deadline for submitting the FAFSA for the Fall 2018 semester is March 2, 2018.




FAFSA Checklist

How to create your FSA User ID (with graphics and pictures)

How to create your FSA User ID (more of a checklist format)


FAFSA workshop at BHS

Click HERE to see the PowerPoint that was presented during the FAFSA/financial aid workshop hosted by Buchanan High School in October.



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Parents: Download the Cal Grant opt-out form by clicking HERE.