Thank you for your interest in the Buchanan Leadership program.
Below are the Student ID numbers of the new students in Leadership 2017-18. 

150034999 150042180 310047306
150035597 150042210 310047923
150035722 150042485 310048131
150035798 150042566 310048145
150037447 150043274 310048146
150037698 150053179 310048183
150041643 150057752 310048210
150041711 150068664 310048373
150041720 150090573 580002687
150042100 310042865 702003641
150042108 310043096 702011303
150042113 310043985 702016773

The Activities Department oversees Student Leadership classes during 3rd and 4th Periods. Students wishing to participate in Student Leadership and/or events coordinated through the Activities Department should apply for Student Leadership in February/March of each school year.

Applications are currently available in the Activities Office and are due on Monday, March 6, 2017. Students will then be notified of an interview scheduled for mid-March. Any questions should be directed to the Activities Director, Ms. Tozlian. 


Leadership Application 2017-18.pdf
Returning Student Leadership Application 2017-18.pdf

Goals for the Leadership Student

  • Promote citizenship, leadership, scholarship, human relations, and cultural values throughout the Buchanan High School campus and community
  • Become familiar with techniques and principles of leadership and communication
  • Practice time management techniques
  • Hold yourself accountable to high standards
  • Promote involvement by encouraging participation of students, staff, parents, and community
  • Lead by example


Leadership Expectations

  • Students selected for Leadership agree to be held to the highest standards including the Buchanan High School Code of Ethics and Leadership Code of Conduct
  • 2.75 GPA at the preceding semester and overall
  • Community Service: participate in at least 10 hours of community service per semester
  • School Service: attend mandatory events on campus and support a diverse group of students including the arts, academics, and athletics.
  • Class Participation: event set-up, painting signs and advertisements, class presentations, event coordination.