ASB / Class Officers

Student Council Info Meeting!

Are you interested in running for a Class Office or an ASB Office next year?

 Attend the mandatory Student Council info meeting on Tuesday, February 28 @ lunch in Room 501

You must attend this meeting to run for an office.
If you are absent, there is a second meeting on Monday, March 6 at lunch in the Activities Office.

 Election Packets are available in the Activities Office. See Ms. Tozlian with any questions.



Associated Student Body (ASB)
The Associated Student Body (ASB) Officers, or student government, serves Buchanan High School by voicing and addressing student opinions and needs, upholding the Buchanan ASB Constitution, overseeing the expenditures of student funds, raising funds for student engagement, supporting and recognizing campus clubs and organizations, and sponsoring many school-wide programs and events. 

The primary goals of ASB are to create a memorable experience for all students on campus, to promote Bear Nation unity and spirit, and to grow as student leaders. ASB actively works to ensure that student activities and campus life are alive and well.  If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, bring them to your student government representatives listed below; these students are here to serve you.

There are 8 ASB Officers who are elected by student body vote. All ASB Officers are enrolled in the Period 4 Leadership Class. The ASB Officers hold formal meetings at least twice a month. For more information on ASB, please go to the Leadership tab under the Activities page. 

Isaiah Tigler
Vice President                                  
Mackenzie Mora
CJ Harris
Treasurer / Historian               Alex George
                                     Madison Lowder
Ayla Hassan
Alex Inouye
Arts & Academics                    
    Jared Serpa



President                     Bailey Chavez
Vice President            Maddy Gould
Secretary                    Summer Pearson
Treasurer                    Howard Wang
Historian                      Jocelyn Twet
Rally Commissioner  Abigayle Huntress

President                     Shaye Dubberke
Vice President            Tyler McLelland
Secretary                    Sami Lynes
Treasurer                    Morgan Mitchell
Historian                      Alexa Marchini
Rally Commissioner  Joseph Malcolm

President                    Aleeza Hassan
Vice President           Claire Vandiver
Secretary                    Kylie Hall
Treasurer                    Alyssa Tigler
Historian                     Rachel Kessler
Rally Commissioner Jordin Paige

President               Abigail Akande
Vice President           Kylie Kerney
Secretary               Noah Renteria
Treasurer                   Carson Ruth
Historian                     Elijah Hernandez
Rally Commissioner Jacob Dueker

Inter School Council (ISC)
ISC is a group of six students from each Clovis Unified high school that represent their site. These students must go through a rigorous application process. One of the main responsibilities of ISC members is to plan Leadership Camp which is open to students at all five Clovis high schools. 

Bailey Chavez
Kaitlyn Ehresman
CJ Harris
Abigayle Huntress
Isaiah Mattos
Jennae Mayberry 



Student Senate is comprised of students elected from every Period 4 class. Senators meets once a month, usually the first Wednesday at 10:20 a.m. in the Multi Purpose Room. The role of this body is to provide information and voice student opinion to the ASB Cabinet on issues that affect the entire student body. Representatives are to survey their respective classes for ideas and opinions and also report the issues discussed at each meeting.

Student Senators are expected to:

Voice student opinion
Participate in group discussions
Be in good academic standing
Demonstrate good citizenship
Be concerned with school issues
Take notes during the Student Senate Meetings