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Please follow the link above to visit the Math Department Website for useful links and resources.

The Buchanan High School Mathematics Department consists of fourteen outstanding instructors committed to supporting ALL students in their mathematical development. The department offers courses that are in alignment with Common Core Standards and utilizes an integrated approach to mathematics by offering a series of courses that build upon each other (Math 1, Math 2, and Math 3).  To support students, resources are available on the Math Department Website and are regularly updated.  Our goal is to provide consistent first-time best instruction to ALL of our students! Throughout the year, after-school labs are available to support students with homework completion and test preparation.  Teachers also provide office hours to assist students before and after school and during the school day.  We encourage students to communicate regularly with their teachers and to seek out assistance early.

If you have questions about the sequences of courses offered at Buchanan High School please refer to the document below:

Buchanan Educational Center Mathematics Flowchart of Courses 2016-2017

You may also visit our YouTube channel for video lessons and homework help for our Math 1 and Math 2 courses.

Buchanan Math YouTube Channel


The Buchanan Math Labs are open Tuesday and Thursday in Room 308 2:45-4:45.

If you are looking for additional support, consider contacting one of our BHS Student tutors - (coming soon)


Courses offered at Buchanan High School:

Math 1

Math 1 is the first of a three-year integrated math sequence that will help students see the relationships between algebra, geometry and statistics.  

Math 1 Instructors

Mrs. Certain - Email  website

Mr. Funk - Email website

Mrs. Hanke - Email  website

Ms. Mancillas - Email website

Mrs. Turney - Email website

Mr. Zimmerman - Email website




Math 2

Math 2 is the second of a three-year integrated math sequence that will help students see the relationships between algebra, geometry and statistics. 

Math 2 Instructors

Mr. Dittmann - Email website

Mr. Funk - Email website

Mrs. Hanke - Email  website

Mr. Lee  - Email website

Mr. Paramo - Email  website

Mr. Vang - Email  website

Mr. Zimmerman - Email website

Math 2 Video and Unit Resources


Math 3

Math 3 is the last of the three year integrated math sequences, here instructional time focuses on four critical areas: (1) apply methods from probability and statistics to draw inferences and conclusions from data; (2) expand understanding of functions to include polynomial, rational, and radical functions; (3) expand right triangle trigonometry to include general triangles; and (4) consolidate functions and geometry to create models and solve contextual problems. 

Math 3 Instructors

Mrs. Jarvinen - Email  website

Ms. Mancillas -  Email  website

Mrs. Myers - Email  website

Mrs. Nieves  - Email  website

Mrs. Paape - Email  website

Math 3 Video and Unit Resources


Additional Courses

The Buchanan Math Department also offers advanced course work through our honors program, Statistics & Probability, Advanced Math, Advanced Math Analysis - Honors, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, and AP Statistics.  Other courses include Math Lab (for Freshman) and Foundations of Math 2.

Advanced Math - Mrs. Nieves - Email  website

Advanced Math - Mrs. Myers  - Email  website

Honors Advanced Math Analysis - Mr. Paramo - Email  website

Statistics and AP Statistics - Mr. Soares (Department Chair) - Email  website

AP Calculus AB - Mrs. Certain - Email  website

AP Calculus BC - Mrs. Paape - Email  website


January 2018 Survey Links

Mrs. Certain

Mr. Dittmann

Mr. Funk

Mrs. Hanke

Mrs. Jarvinen

Mr. Lee

Ms. Mancillas

Mrs. Myers

Mrs. Nieves

Mrs. Paape

Mr. Paramo

Mr. Soares

Mrs. Turney

Mr. Vang

Mr. Zimmerman