Principal's Message

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 Dear Buchanan Families

The registration process has begun for the2017-2018 school year. While
the registration process will be completed by the end of March, our counseling
team works with students and parents on any necessary program changes up until
the walk through registration process in August. Please take time to look at the
Clovis Unified Course Catalog which is located on our district website if you
search the quick links. It is good to review your student’s four year plan. There are
many opportunities for juniors and seniors to take career related classes through
our electives and pathway programs along with their college preparatory courses.

The annual SART survey is available this month. School Assessment Review
Team (SART) is a parent forum that meets monthly with school administration and
staff. All parents are welcome. This year parents will be able to go online to take the
SART survey. Please check our website or contact the Deputy Principal’s office for
more information. The survey is anonymous and we appreciate your feedback.

As students prepare for Spring exams the Advanced Placement (AP) tests
occur in the first two weeks of May. Students and teachers have worked extremely
hard to prepare for the College Board Exams. If students achieve a passing
mark and the college or university accepts AP tests, this will save your student
a substantial amount of money in college tuition fees. Students completing
AP courses and scoring successfully on tests often enter college a semester or
more ahead. Please visit the following link for information and registration.

Last but not least, eleventh grade students will take the Smarter Balanced
Assessment Consortium test (SBAC) for language arts and mathematics.
The test is administered on a computer. It is important for students applying
to the California State University or CSU to complete this assessment.
The university system uses the state test for Early Assessment Program or
EAP. The EAP gives the CSU system data for college readiness and class
placement. Buchanan High School receives data as well and will place
students accordingly in classes that continue to support students accessing the
CSU system after graduating from high school. If you have any questions on
any information please contact your student’s counselor or visit our website.

Ricci Ulrich
Mama Bear